In January 2010 the Canine Association of Accredited Myotherapists was formed. The rationale behind developing C.A.A.M., was to develop a professional team of Myotherapists who are dedicated to providing an excellent and accountable referral service, to support the veterinary profession with cases of musculoskeletal issues in dogs.

Canine Association of Accredited Myotherapists - C.A.A.M.

What Is C.A.A.M.?

C.A.A.M. is an independent regulatory body to which members are accountable through compliance to a strict code of conduct and ethics which are vigorously enforced. If a violation of this code is reported the rigorous independent complaints process is initiated as specified in the C.A.A.M. constitution.

It is built upon a foundation of high quality, moderated training to diploma level. Post qualification C.A.A.M. ensures standards are maintained through an ongoing support structure and the mandatory accomplishment of regulated “Continuing Professional Development” units (C.P.D.).structure.

The C.P.D. requirement is eclectic, varying from course attendance to profession development activities, including a statutory Clinical practice record; the hours of C.P.D. requirement is dependent on your C.A.A.M. level and experience.

CAAM Mission Statement

C.A.A.M. will strive for excellence in Canine Myotherapy. This will be achieved through the application of accredited education and then further development through a scheme of regulated Continuing Professional Development (C.P.D.).

It will further enhance good referral practice by upholding approved practice forming a credible and professional referral service for para-professionals.

C.A.A.M. will be dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge through the education of individuals and groups; and through learned publications and other media. C.A.A.M. will be dedicated to the improvement and safeguarding of health and welfare of all canines through the provision of outstanding Myotherapy techniques together with the formulation of credible partnerships that will aid the progression of the therapy.

Who can belong to C.A.A.M.?

All Galen Myotherapists have a mandatory requirement to belong, so that there is consistency of professional and therapeutic approach across all therapists giving handlers and para professionals confidence of continuity, training and approach of each practitioner.

A Galen Myotherapist is someone who has been invited to join the team having completed the Galen Diploma. There is also a proven provision in place for anyone with previous training to complete the O.C.N.accreditation and therefore the Galen Diploma by providing evidence of prior learning.

The evidence of learning will be assessed with any areas of learning not covered, (according to the O.C.N. learning outcomes), being provided by the student as additional study and or demonstration of skills. Anyone wishing to complete the accreditation through this route will have to, in addition complete the final assessment day. The cost will depend on how much study is required.

Personal Development within C.A.A.M.

Depending on your experience and then your subsequent CPD achievement, will qualify you for further training and therefore personal development through C.A.A.M.

When C.P.D. requirements have been met not only your status within the group will be adjusted but you will also have the opportunity to gain further accreditation in “Advanced Massage Techniques” and become a Galen sports Myotherapist. This will also will mean that you are eligible to apply to train to become a Galen Canine Exercise Physiologist

C.A.A.M. Structure

The organisation consists of two committees;

  • The Operational Committee, made up of Galen Licensees
  • The Executive Committee, made up of canine professionals that have no direct connection with Galen (this is to provide transparency with policy and a viable independent complaints mechanism, should it be required)

The Executive Committee is made up of two Veterinary Surgeons (one holistic), one Canine Professional, a Canine Behaviourist, a and Professional Dog Handle and Trainer. The committee is a diverse group of professionals who represent the multifaceted canine world, they will enable the body to present and uphold a balanced, legal and clinically sound constitution.

For further details contact Galen Therapy Centre 0845 375 17 67